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Designer Mark Schwartz

  • Creative Director Mark Schwartz graduated from the Julliard School of Music and is a verified genius.

  • Schwartz is the protege of art cultural icon Andy Warhol, best known for his Campbell Soup Pop Art, and Roger Vivier, the “father of the stiletto heel.”

  • DEIJIDESIGN’s Creative Director’s work is influenced by architecture and the Art Deco Period, popular in the 20s and 30s and often featured luxe geometrical shapes and sharp lines in golds and silvers.

  • DEIJIDESIGN’s Signature Cleopatra and Elizabeth I Bags are designed from Schwartz’s oil-based paintings on canvas. The Denim Jacket Collection and the Maria and Isabella T-Shirts also exemplify Schwartz’s custom work.

  • Schwartz has designed footwear for many celebrities, including Lady Gaga, JLo, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Halle Barry, Katy Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, plus more.

  • For DEIJIDESIGN President and designer Riva Wilkins, DEIJIDESIGN is a creative endeavor that is the culmination of her career. Before DEIJIDESIGN, Wilkins worked in marketing, sales management, entertainment, and technology. In fact, she’s worked with many celebrities in the music, fashion, and entertainment industry. Essentially, “I’ve been designing fashion for almost my whole life,” she clarifies.

  • Friends for many years, Schwartz and Wilkins, actively design DEIJIDESIGN’s unique luxury accessories together. “We bounce ideas off of each other, and that’s when the real magic happens,” she says. Named after her, The Riva is an example of her creative ventures for DEIJIDESIGN.

  • “What really inspires me is the changing of seasons. All of the different colors cultivate my design ideas,” Wilkins says.

  • Overall, Wilkins says DEIJIDESIGN is more than just a brand to Schwartz and herself. “Honestly, the satisfaction coupled with the gratification of knowing how happy we make DEIJIDESIGN customers are what fuels my passion,” she expresses.

  • “That and the existential love of natural beauty, which is the foundation of DEIJIDESIGN,” Wilkins concludes.

Creation of The Brown Hashtag: President & Designer Riva Wilkins

Creating the Brown Hashtag in the DEIJIDESIGN studio

One of Mark Schwartz’s designs

Mark Schwartz in the DEIJIDESIGN studio

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